An air strike.

Mom-a-son is working in a vegetable patch while an air strike is taking place in the back ground.

One day while on patrol. I was on point walking off of a 12 meter high ridge, and onto these rice paddies. These paddies are about 5 meters above sea level. I was checking out everything I could see, before advancing my squad into the open, and leaving the cover of the tree line. Just before I step into the open, a jet passes about 20 feet in front of me. It was flying at my head height! I watch the jet in amassment. He just about disappears up the valley to my west, he goes vertical, then a barrel roll, and is gone from view. It all happened in seconds. Defiantly one crazy MOFO! I think I could of lit a wooden match on his passing wing tip. What a wild trip. I sure hope that man made it home.

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