Provisional Rifle Company, 3rd. Platoon;

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There were five company size cordon and search operations conducted during the month of April, 1970. Each of these operations was conducted with the assistance of the "Vietnamese National Police  Force Platoon" from Hoa Vang District, the "Fifth Counterintelligence Team", and the "Battalion Civil Affairs Section". These five highly successful operations were conducted in Xon Con, Xom Lang, Thach Son, Trung Son, and Quan Nam.

On the 1st of May Provisional Rifle Company, in conjunction with two infantry companies from the  Third Battalion, First Marine Regiment "3-1", and the Fifth Counterintelligence Team, conducted the "Kingfisher Operation".

On the 21st of May Provisional Rifle Company cordon and search the hamlet of Xom Con.

On the 31st of May Provisional Rifle Company conducted a similar operation in the hamlet of Thanh Vinh.

I remember on one of these Company operations we ended up with a holding area with several Vietnams people detained. Our interpreter Cpl Downing was unhappy with some of these people so we keep them there until Capt. Ford, or Lt. Alison  could get someone from the "5th Counterintelligence Team" to question them. Normally we would put Viet Cong Suspects or 'VCS" that we had captured on helicopters or trucks and they would be handed over to the 5th Counterintelligence Team for interrogate. Sometimes we would get the VCS back and that person would lead us to VC supplies, sometimes we would just get a pissed off civilian back, but most of the time we never saw the person again. 5th Counterintelligence Team would turn the VC over to the Hoa Vang District Headquarters.

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