Sgt. Gary Albright.

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Just before I joined Provisional Rifle Company Sgt. Albright was wounded while on patrol. I remember Sgt. Albright as being smart, professional, quiet, and confident.

One time when we were at Camp Books, Sgt. Albright ask me if I would like to join him on the NCO side of our mess hall for dinner. I never wore rank insignias and everyone must of thought I was a privet. So I joined him on the NCO side anyway. I didn't know the Marine Corps had such a thing in Vietnam but it did. One of the mess hall sergeants had a shit fit about me being on that side of the mess hall. Sgt. Albright told him that we where in the same squad and we would sit anywhere we dam well please. That was the end of that conversation.

Eating in a supply base mess hall was a big treat. It beat the hell out of eating out of a tin can sitting on a rice patty dike with leaches hanging off your ass, or cold and wet on a muddy hill.

Semper Fi Sarge and thanks for dinner.

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