Command Chronicles;

Write to;

    National Archives

    8601 Adelphi Rd

    College Park, MD  20740-6001

    Military Records Textual Records

Field Rosters for Vietnam;

Having trouble remembering the names of men you served with? These rosters contain the names of men serving in a particular unit during a specific month.

Write to;

    Commandant of the Marine Corps

    Headquarters USMC


    Suite 201, Elliot R.

    Quantico, Va. 22134-5030

    (703) 784-3920

Unit roster:

Complete name of the unit, the year, and the 3 months you are asking for, fax it into Quantico gets the return faster....703-784-5792
Write to;
    H.Q. USMC

    Personnel Management Div

    MMSB - 12

    2008 Elliott Suite 2D

    Quantico, VA  22134-5030

Special Records Branch try Martha Robertson or Dr. Jim Ginther 703-784-4538
History Division Bob Aquilina 703-432-4877

Combat Action Reports Vietnam;

These reports give a brief description of unit activities for a given period of time. Usually monthly. Give unit and time period you are interested in. Service is free for first inquiry.

Write to;

    Marine Corps Historical Center

    Washington Navy Yard

    Washington, D.C. 20374-0580

Transmittal of Entitlement to Awards;

    Bureau of Naval Personnel

    Retired Records Section


    9700 Page Boulevard

    St. Louis, Mo. 63132


Service Records Request;

Service Records for discharged Marines can be requested by a family member free of charge from the National Personnel Records Center. Provide them as much information about the service member as possible, rank, ssn, mos, and what information you are looking for.

Write to;

    National Personnel Records Center

    9700 Page Blvd, Room 5007

    ATTN: Marine Corps Liaison Office

    St Louis, Mo. 63132-5295

    Phone: (314)538-3155 or Fax: (314) 538-3115

Discharge Information

If discharged was less than 15 years and you are looking to upgrade a discharge ask for form DD Form 293 "Request to petition the Board".

Write to;

    Naval Discharge Review Board "NDRB"

    Bldg. 36, Washington Navy Yard

    901 M Street, SE

    Washington, DC 20374-5023

    Phone: (202) 685-6600


If your discharged was more than 15 years ago and you are looking to upgrade a discharge or correct something ask for form DD Form 149.

    Write to;

    Board for the Correction of Naval Records "BCNR"

    2 Navy Annex, Room 2432

    Washington, DC 20370-5100

    Phone: (703) 614-2133 / 9849 / 9851

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