M60 7.62mm Machine Gun

The M-60 series general purpose machine gun is a light weight, belt fed, gas operated, air cooled weapon with fixed headspace and timing to allow for the rapid exchange of barrels during sustained firing situations. The M-60 can be carried and operated by one individual, though it is common practice to assign the weapon to a fire team (gunner and assistant gunner, who carries an additional barrel and ammunition). The M-60 is equipped with an integral bipod assembly which can be used to stabilize the weapon during offensive operations. Optionally, the M-60 can be set up on a tripod for increased stability and long range accuracy. In addition to the basic M-60 there are two variant models; the M-60 C/D (for use on helicopters) and the M-60E3, a lighter version of the basic model used by the Marine Corps and U.S. Special Operations Forces.

General Characteristics, M60 7.62mm Machine Gun


42.4 inches (107.70 centimeters)


Weight: 18.75 pounds (8.51 kilograms)

Bore Diameter:

7.62mm (.308 inches)

Maximum Effective Range:

3609.1 feet (1,100 meters)

Maximum Range:

2.3 miles (3725 meters)

Muzzle Velocity:

2,800 feet (853 meters) per second

Rates of Fire:

Cyclic: 550 rounds per minute Rapid: 100 rounds per minute* Sustained: 100 rounds per minute*
(* with barrel changes at each 100 rounds)

Unit Replacement Cost:


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