My name is BICH DAT, T. PHAN (female), 75 yrs old. I think you were in USMC; FLC (Camp Books) in Hoa Khanh; Da Nang; South Vietnam form 1963 to 1972? I do not know you have remembered me ??? And I would like to look for some friends and others who stationed there. From 1962 to 1964, I was living at Trung Nu Vuong Street, Da Nang. At that time, I sold fired chickens, fried potatoes, hamburgers at the final point. This was at the foot of Hoa Khanh mountain. Then, the US Armed Forces set firstly here without houses, only living in their tents. Many US officers and soldiers liked and helped me. I usually embroidered handkerchiefs, they bought it to send the US for giving their relatives. It was a chance, I was acquainted with Lt. Harkins Officer; US Naval MCB.1 (Seabee), he was responsible logistical support in Da Nang - South Viet Nam, when the US Armed Force put their first steps. After that, Mr. Harkins ordered me to embroidered badges and symbols for the US force. He helped me become the official contractor of gift shop and laundry under the name in order to serve the US Armed Forces at Hoa Khanh Commune, Hoa Vang District - Da Nang and Pleiku province in South Vietnam . I signed many contracts with the big PX (Tien Sa area); to serve the following bases: -US Navy Seabees) MCB.1, MCB.4, MCB.5, MCB.8, MCB.58, MCB.62, MCB.74 (TIEN DAT shop for gifts and laundry where was on the opposite soldiers Mess Hall); Hoa Khanh; Da Nang. -USMC-F.L.C, which was Headquarter Camp Jay K. Books, supplied; III Marine Amphibious Force; ( 1st & 3rd Marine Divisions and Marine Air Wing; in I Corp); (2 shops: TIEN DAT gift shop and LINDA (Mai Huong) laundry);- Hoa Khanh; Da Nang; South Vietnam. -Holloway Camp (Air force); was managed by my staff Ms. Tran thi Tranh at Pleiku province; South Vietnam. During that time, I was living at 286/6 Hoang Dieu Street, Da Nang, Vietnam. I had good press of US Military with my photo in Da Nang. I have been proud myself of this thing. Through his introduction, I knew someone as follows: Colonel SHARLEY    Commander. Security Sergeant; MOODY KENT; Mr. SMITH; a nurse; Mr. BROWN; Chief Cook Soldier Alden/Allen John (He was in OK) and other soldiers. USMC; FLC: Colonel LUCAS; Major FUCH; Major DE LASERNA and other soldiers. All of them became my very closed friends, including Lt. HARKINS, when they stationed at Hoa Khanh - Da Nang; Vietnam from 1962 to 1971 and then, all my friends returned the US. Now they are from 60 to 70 years old. Maybe, I can spell wrongly their names, please correct theirs for me. Unfortunately, it was the highest Vietnam wartime on April 30, 1975, I  lost all of letters, addresses, pictures, souvenirs and documents that concerned with them, therefore I can not contact them. After 30 years, I looked for them hopelessly, because they are the witness for my working history which is the truth and honor of me. That's a reason, I write this email to hope you for giving me a favor how to know my above friends, where their location (emails, addresses;) or whom knows them or me. I am greatly indebted to you. Finally, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a million. Best regards, BICH DAT, T. PHAN

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