Gunnery Sgt. James W. Eades.

My father James W. Eades who was a Gunnery SGT with the greatest branch of service we have the United States Marines, was with Force Logistic Command's Group Bravo at the Dong Ha Combat Base in Vietnam from 1968-1969. Looking for any information from anyone who served with him. My father passed away Dec 23, 2004. Great man, loved the Marines. I would love to hear stories and comments from anyone who served with him.

I am looking for any info about my father who served the United States Marines and was with the Force Logistic Command's Support Group Bravo at the Dong Ha Combat Base in Vietnam. My father's name is James William Eades and he would have been a Sgt and was promoted to Gunnery SGT while there. He was there from 1968-1969, I know for sure he was there in May of 69. I found some photo's. One of the photo's is an orphanage that he helped build at Dong Ha in May of 69. I found another photo and on the back of it are some names. Hard to read the names but I will try, Philip M Sheets, John E. Scoulon, not sure if it is a W or an H R. Armacost. My father past away Dec 23, 2004. I would love to here stories or comments or anything.

Dorian Bittle

G/Sgt. James William Eades is the 3rd Marine from the right and the Marine in the small photos.

Photos courtesy of Dorian Bittle.

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