Robert Wood

Thursday, 10. February 2011

 I posted a note on this website about a year ago regarding any information on an incident that happened while on a night patrol at
Camp Books in Feb or early March of '69. I was a tech (2811) in H&S (Wire Platoon) at the telephone exchange which I helped build in
the US and installed at FLC in '68. I had trained my replacement and volunteered for patrols. I assume I was a part of the
Provisional Rifle Company? Due to an error by COC we ambushed another patrol from FLC. Their point man took the brunt of it before
the radio operators got it stopped realizing they were calling in contact at the same location. I always wondered the outcome of
that Marine. The chopper took him to the hospital ship COC said. I seemed to have blocked out the whole incident until years later
when life and PTSD took me downhill. I new the Marine personally but totally blocked out his name. I rotated back to the states
shortly after that. Do you have any suggestions for finding out about this?

Today I am involved with our local Vet Center hoping to be of help to our servicemen returning from the conflicts they are involved
in today. It is interesting to observe the difference between Marines and other service members. "Allways Faithful" is an amazing
fact that is built deeply into Marines no matter what conflict they fought in that others do not posess. Thank God I was a Marine.
It is an honor only bestowed on a few.

Semper Fi,

Rob Wood (Woody) FLC, H&S, Wire Platoon (slogan: We can lay anything)68 & 69

Courtesy of Mark Wood.

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