Ron Brobst


I was a baker at FLC from July '67 thru mid July '68. I served on perimeter guard duty the month of September '67. Joined "Clutch" after the required six months in-country rule the beginning of January '68 thru end of June of mid July '68 before rotating back to state for end of service discharge. I was in the Augumentation Platoon (I believe that's what they called it). I was there when they were starting the extension of the base 1,000 meters. Also the first rocket attack in Sept' 67 when the rockets that did land came between the goal posts (the radio antennas) and landed in the predominated officer & staff NCOs area in the center of the base, they moved out of that area the next day. Over two hundred purple hearts were given out from the rocket attack mostly from stubbed toes etc, that was before Fleet Marine Force changed that you had to be "hit" by a flying missile (bullet or shrapnel) for it to be considered purple heart worthy. Anyone know the address of a John Pesci who was also a baker and served on clutch back then during this time frame? I understand he later on became an officer and retired around 1985 from the marines. He originally was from New Jersey area when I knew him. Semper-Fi my brothers.

Photos courtesy of Ron Brobst.

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