Billy Joe Churchwell.

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These are photos of myself. I served in Vietnam from August 2, 1969 tell 17 July, 1970. I was stationed with 1st FSR, H&S Battalion, Fleet Marine Force, Force Logistics Command. I was at Camp Books for my entire tour of dutie in Vietnam. My Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS was 3051 Basic Warehousemen. I was the Cpl. issuing supply's from T-lot and responsibly for F-warehouse. After six months of supply duties I volunteered for combat. I was transferred on February 25, 1970 to this Provisional Rifle Company. That same day Memorial Service for Cpl. Thomas Bewley, and PFC Robert Schrand was held. Both Marines where killed in action while serving with Provisional Rifle Company's 3rd Platoon, 1st squad. On there patrol 3-Alfa had killed 3 Viet Cong "VC" and took 5 VC prisoners. 3-Alfa lost these 2 brave Marines and had another 5 wounded. God bless all of these brave men.

While serving with Provisional Rifle Company I was a rifleman, armed with the M-16. Then I was a ammo humpier, and later the a-gunner for the M-60 team. I next became the grenadier armed with the M-79. I started to walked point most of the time. I tried to do everything. I felt our squad leader Tyrone and myself because I had the most time in country in our squad at the time, were responsible for the safety of the new guys in our squad. I still think we where responsible for there safety. I still feel bad about leaving them behind when I rotated back to the States. I still think about what I could of done differently. Had I any idea of the pore treatment I was going to receive when I got home I would of stayed. I wish I had. We had a great squad and I miss them all.

The photos of me bandaged up looks worse than it was. It's a long story and to embarrassing to tell here, but it involved alcohol and explosives. A lethal mix. In the last seven photos I'm walking point armed with the M-79. Foolish? No shit.

Semper Fi.

Billy Joe Churchwell

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