Vietnamese civilians.

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These photos are of some of the people we were trying to help. I'm sorry to say that I now think it is questionable if 3-Bravel accomplished anything lasting. I do know that the Vietcong were unable to operate affectively in our AO because of our efforts.

The kid giving me a massage, wearing the bush hat is my friend Lizard. He was head honcho kid in Sento Hamlet. He know everyone and was helpful. Some times Lizard wanted to walk point for me. When he did walk point he found at least one booby trap. I suspected he already know where the trap was or I wont have let him walk point. I believe it was his way of pointing it out to me without having to inform on the VC that planted it. The VC would kill him. One person I know he was protecting was himself. Catch 22. He was a good kid, and good luck to him.

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