"In Memory"

In Memory of L/Cpl Books

"Command Chronology"

Information about Camp Books 1966-1970.

"Helpful information"

"Get your DD214".

Addresses for research.

"The National Archives for military records".

"VA Watchdog dot Org".

"3-Bravo 1969-1970"

3-Bravo 1970

3rd Platoon

Sgt. Albright

Tom Calato


Emil (POP) Cedeno

Billy Joe Churchwell

Vince Crimi

Bill "Spanky" Gann

Jeff Heh

Hunt Holden

Hunt Holden's photos

Carl Marks

Stan Nelson

Tyrone Perrin

Jack Wilson

Platoon Sgt. Snyder

Platoon Sgt. Fred (Dutch) White

"Submitted photos, letters, information, and names of Proud Rifle  Marines".

News clippings and Maps.

GySgt. Marc "Frenchy" Adamsen.

Patrick Brannon.

Ronald "Mouse" Brobst.

Jack "John"  Burgesss.

Kent Byers.

Doyle "Leech" Carr.

Hal Davis.

Michael Donnelly.

Jack Gaskins.

Cpl. Dennis Eugene Hayes.

Garry Hoerauf.

Dick "Tarzan" Jeffrey.

Sherrill Jeter.

Mike Jones.

Dan Kaminski.

Pat King.

S/Sgt. Randy "Rock" Jernigan.

Rick "Short round" Nash.

William "Fred" Powell.

First/Sgt Kerry Reinbold.

Robert Regan.

Donald J. Rich.

Danny Sammy.

Dale Sandoval.

Vern Snoddery.

Norman Styles.

John Wells.

Larry Wilkins.

Robert Wood.

"Billy Joe's Heroes".

Some  American women of the 1960's.


Vietnamese civilians

"Submitted photos, letters, and information from others".

Dorian Bittle (James W. Eades.)

Bich Dat, T. Phan

Gary Bolter Jan. Truck CO FLSG-A and 5TH CIT.

"Guest book".

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