Provisional Rifle Company, 3rd. Platoon 2nd. Squad.

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Provisional Rifle Company ran patrols through Vietnamese villages and relocation areas. We did search and destroy patrols. We did perimeter listing post. We used helicopters for some operations. We were Battalion Reserve and would be called out to help other units if we were needed. We did allot of "cordon and search" operations.

We became part of the win hearts and minds program. Meaning we were lucky enough to spend a good deal of time in relatively safe Vietnamese villages and hamlets. The villages of Xon Con, Xom Lang, Thach Son, Trung Son, Quan Nam, Nam O, Ap Thanh Vinh, Hoa Khanh, Thach Son, An Quan Nam, Ap Da Phuoc, Khanh Son. We tried to be helpful to the civilians. We hoped that they would inform on any Viet Cong in the area. They didn't.

For the Marines that see my sight, I need to say that this Provisional Rifle Company was made up of mostly none 0311 volunteers. We were volunteering for combat duty. I thought we were destined for a CAP unit. We were lucky to get transferred to this company, or I'm afraid I would of been dead in no time. It turned out that my biggest danger was snipers, booby traps, and small VC/NVA units.

I am sorry to say that a number of brave Marines serving with Provisional Rife Company did give there life's in the line of duty. Others gave parts of there bodies. God bless them all. God bless all of our brave men and women in uniform.

Semper Fi.

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